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Aptroot.NL is the blogfolio of Bart Aptroot, an architect working on architectural design, urban planning, urban redevelopment strategies, architectural education and consultancy.

After his study at the university of Eindhoven (NL), Bart Aptroot worked for his graduate professor Ton Venhoeven on the design and realization of the Jan Schaefer bridge in Amsterdam. In 2001 Bart Aptroot founded an office with childhood friend Joachim Karelse. In their office Karelse Aptroot architects, now Club of Orange, they worked on numerous small projects for private clients and developers and made name worldwide with the wooden Twin House. In 2006 the cooperation under the name of Karelse Aptroot was ended to explore new business approaches. In 2007 Bart Aptroot joined One Architecture, helping to broaden its field of work from urban and regional planning towards architectural projects. In 2011 Bart Aptroot became an associate of One Architecture.

Bart Aptroot was a member of the commissie van Welstand en Monumenten (committee of architectural quality and monuments) of Amsterdam from 2006-2010 and chairman of the committee in 2011.

This blogfolio explores ways to combine and link a portfolio, news and publication archive, online professional networks and a file sharing platform. The outcome is unknown. Comments are welcome.

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