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Generating the generic, competition entry Europan 8

For the 8th edition of the international architecture competition Bart Aptroot, Joachim Karelse and Chantal van Dillen proposed their idea ‘Symbiosis’ for a site in the former docklands of Deventer.

Key element of the proposal is an urban layout that creates maximum transparancy and a condition for flexible development. The architectural elaboration of one of the blocks consisted of a generic architectural form, a spatial plan of built strips, with a maximum variety of use.

Generic architecture follows its own logic. While the strips house diversity, the buildings create unity within the strips. The square shaped tubes are simply space containers. Their height, density, openness or position makes them suitable for specific program. No matter how extreme the differences, architecturally they can be mixed. One street can have apartments, offices and family houses behind its billboard, while it blends in with the current industrial neighbours at the same time. Another street will have single family patio housing together with a residential tower.

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