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St Jozef Health Care Center

Photography: Marcel van der Burg, Primabeeld

In 2007 Deventer Hospital decided to transform the monastery of the former catholic St. Jozef Hospital into a new health care center.

The architectonical interventions set up a dialogue with three major aspects of the building; the structure of the complex around the gardens, the sacral identity of the building and the catholic brick-hiding-the-underlying-concrete-architecture from the 1950’s. Apart from the two existing gardens, in which the former monastery garden reclaims its central position, the design provides a new ‘basement garden’ in the heart of the complex which allows the basement to become commercially exploitable.

The design reveals what was to be hidden in the 50’s; the monastery is in fact a contemporary building with modern techniques. By making a hard-cut section in one of the buildings, the true concrete core that was once hidden from the world by a layer of brick, emerges. The exposure of the concrete behind the brick façade is carried on as a design motive in for example the wall of the lower extension of the ‘blood bank’ and in the concrete exterior of the waiting rooms. New artwork is added by Berend Strik.

The health care center opened September 2009. The remaining part of the monumental hospital complex, the main building, will become part of the new accomodation of an elderly home.

More info on this project here: One Architecture

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