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Cinema City

The development of Cinema City, on the site of the old Georgian film studios, will start with the opening of Concern’s multiplex and club in the existing pavilion.

Cinema City is located on a 3 ha site on the axis between the main railway station and the central city. Located 600 meters from the station, the site overlooks the Mtkvari River and on the other side connects seamlessly to Agmashenebeli Avenue, with its theatres, green open spaces and unique buildings. Cinema City will be a real neighborhood, offering entertainment and restaurants in addition to shopping, residential and office developments and a hotel. The project uses the steep drop in the landscape to propose a mix of agreeable outside spaces on top of a complex logistical and retail node, with Tbilisi’s largest supermarket and direct access to parking facilities. The mix of amenities available within the project will provide ‘one-stop shopping’ for Tbilisi’s residents.

One Architecture, 2006

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