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Work in progress…

In the autumn of 2012 work has started on the Amstellaan traffic artery, as the center point of the restructuring of the Deventer Rivierenwijk. The park viaduct designed by One Architecture is now under construction. Later this year another viaduct, a bicycle tunnel and a landscape design that will embed the artery in the neighbourhood will follow.

With the demolition of some apartment buildings in the autumn of 2012 work on the restructuring of Gouda Oost has also started. After a period of pre-consolidation of the soil, realisation of the new development will take off as soon as possible.
Gouda Oost

A bit earlier, in 2011, preparatory demolition work for the Jozef nursery home in Deventer has taken place. Some non-monumental extensions of the monumental former hospital complex have been removed.
St Jozef Carinova

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