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Urban plan Gouda East presented to neighbourhood.


More than a hundred interested residents attend the presentation on March 20th of the pland for the first step in the urban renewal of Gouda East. The urban sub plan “Southern Stamp and Traverse” is designed by One Architecture. The design of the public space is the work of Lodewijk Baljon Landscape Architects. The sub plan represents the start and the backbone for the renewal of the neighbourhood.. It organizes a new entrance to the neighbourhood with a green space that will be further defined together with the future residents. The structure of the long green lines in the neighbourhood will be enhanced. There will be a new clearer traffic structure with more parking. And a number of buildings will make way for a larger diversity of housing types and living environments. This is also reflected in the architecture as each of the buildings will get a distinctive character.

Read more on the Gouda project here, on the One Architecture website.

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