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St Jozef masterplan approved

On December 21st Deventer’s city council approved the new master plan for the Jozef location. This master plan has been made by the city, in close collaboration with One Architecture.

The approval of this master plan shows the strength of organic urbanism. In 2008, One Architecture developed and designed a health center on a part of the site, in the former monastery that was part of the Deventer Hospital.

The design of the Jozef healthcare center has been done in a way that anticipated a connection to possible new program at the rest of the site. Soon after the opening of the healthcare center, Carinova decided to restart the development of the site and organized an invited competition. One Architecture won this assignment for 200 houses and a nursing home.

The prize-winning urban design proposes an ‘organic’ and continuous growth of the existing complex. The elements – buildings around courts – were repeated several times. A public zone between the existing landmark building and the new buildings connects these units. The buildings are compact in order to maintain the green framework.

Besides the completed health center and the now-approved master plan, the re-use of the rest of the landmark building within the plan boundaries is now in progress. Here, One Architecture is designing two care units and Carinova’s public facilities as well as a kindergarten. Construction is expected to begin mid-2012.

One Architecture takes pride in the fact that a relatively minor intervention, i.e. re-using a part of the existing building, has been fundamental in an incremental development, connected to existing buildings and program.

Check www.onearchitecture.nl for the latest news on the Jozef projects.

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