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The Ernst Sachsbad in Schweinfurt, Germany, a pool and sanatory, was built in the 1920s in a style resembling a monastery. The building, a protected heritage, will be transformed to an art house, a place to host a permanent collection as well as changing exhibitions, a use which seems to fit the building even better than the pool. But the monastery like setup, originally very effective from a moral point of view, is too closed to house the new more public functions.

In a joint competition entry by Bart Aptroot, Joachim Karelse, Frank Christofolini and Merin Kooijman the building would get several incisions to transform the spatial organisation radically. A new route through the park slices through the building, placing the entrance of the new art center in the heart of the building, the enclosed courtyard. At the incision planes the closedness transforms into openness. Besides the brutal cuts the monument can remain mostly intact.

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