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The Overamstel business district in Amsterdam is nearing the end of its monofunctional industrial lifecycle. The city demands more diversity, more space for small scale business, more housing and better access.

Fatboys attempts to develop a prototype for a pioneering project. It integrates housing, commerce and a community sports center in one on a vulerable site at the onramp of one the Netherlands main highways. Although plans are being developed to place the onramp further out of the city, in order to pioneer the site it is a real condition.

Noise and air pollution will require advanced technologies in the facade, therefor the building should have as little facade as possible. The project develops and ultimate compactness by placing low daylight requiring functions in the core of the building and housing in its shell. An added value to this concept is that its compactness minimizes thermal energy loss or solar heat gain, giving it a leap ahead in sustainability.

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