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The city of Eindhoven has gradually shifted profile, from a monoculture of two large industries (light bulbs and trucks) to the pluriformity of high tech research, product development and art. The abandoned factory buildings, many with high architectural quality, were a blessing for the city center’s demand for expansion.

The newest extension to Eindhoven’s center uses the existing cultural program and buildings on the site to create a diverse and unorthodox neighborhood.

The future Viktoriakwartier is centered on an existing building that houses creative companies/individuals of Eindhoven, called TAC (Temporary Art Centre). A ‘young monument’ on the north side of the site, the Ventoseflat, will be restored. In order to create critical mass and additional liveliness, new residential and cultural program is added (between 25.000 – 30.000m²).

The urban context of this area is diverse: old small scale existing buildings and a big element: the PSV stadium. To deal with this, the scheme operates as a big block on the big scale and has streets along the TAC that contain small programs like shops, bars, workshops and so on. On the west side, a platform with towers is proposed to accommodate the needed program and to provide good light conditions for the inner streets and patios. The parts of TAC that were chopped off to make streets will be replaced as new volumes allowing TAC to grow organically in time. The whole project is linked by a newly proposed square to a future central axis between Eindhoven’s center and the developments in Eindhoven-West.

The scheme is devised in an intense dialogue with the four clients. One Architecture’s urban plan is ready for zoning plan procedures.

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