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Habiforum: mixing working and living

After about a century of separating functions in our cities to create cleaner, safer and healthier environments, we have seen the other side of the medial: dormitory suburbs, commuter traffic jams, weekend ghosttown office parks, inflexible monufunctional industrial areas.

Can you bring life into residential neighborhoods between 9 and 5? Can housing revive outdated  industrial sites? Can we bring people and jobs closer together? How to plan with more flexibility?

Habiforum, a knowledge network for spatial planners, asked 30 specialists about their vision on mixing housing and working.

The results  were published in the book ‘Woonwerk!’. Editors: Wouter Groote, Micha de Haas, Marjoke Hoeve, Ellen Peper, Erik Wiersema. Publisher: Sdu Uitgevers.

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